Brokerage Services

Too busy? Don’t like the “car purchase” experience? AJS Auto Sales has a unique program to help you purchase your next new or pre-owned vehicle.

Pre-Owned vehicles

For a nominal upfront fee ($150 due upon contract signature), retain one of our automotive consultants to assist you with determining your requirements for your pre-owned vehicle purchase.

Once a suitable pre-owned vehicle is located, you will pay AJS between 5-10% (% is dependent on the final purchase price of the vehicle (without taxes) – and documented in your contract) as a finder’s fee. You will also be required to provide a 50% deposit of the vehicle’s purchase price prior to its acquisition.

If the vehicle requires reconditioning for certification, detailing or AJS incurs transportation expenses, they will be added to your purchase price. The all-in purchase price will be subject all applicable taxes and licensing.

New vehicles

Even though we are a pre-owned dealership, we can assist you with the purchase of a new vehicle. How do we do that? That’s easy!

Similar to the process with a used vehicle purchase, for a nominal upfront fee ($150 due upon contract signature), retain one of our automotive consultants to assist you with determining your requirements for your new vehicle purchase. These consultants are trained industry professionals who will advise and guide you if required. They will walk you through the entire purchase process and even attend with you to ensure smooth sailing.

Utilizing our numerous contacts in the automotive industry, AJS will obtain a proposed purchase price for the new vehicle. Then you and AJS will compare it to the purchase price you have been able to obtain. Due to our industry connections, it is very likely AJS will have been able to obtain a better price for you. If you decide to take the AJS deal, you will pay AJS 10% of the savings we have been able to obtain for you.

For example, if you were able to obtain a quote for a new vehicle with a MRSP of $40,000 and AJS is able to obtain the same vehicle for $37,000, you pay AJS 10% of the difference, 10% of $3,000 = $300. Including the upfront fee, you will have saved $2,882 (incl. HST) just for retaining our services!

As with any vehicle purchase, your final purchase price is subject to all applicable taxes and licensing.