Vehicles on Consignment

If you have a vehicle that you wish to sell but don’t want the hassle of selling, AJS can help you sell your vehicle.

AJS offers consignment sales for clients. This type of selling can be very advantageous for your average client.

The thought of selling their vehicle usually conjures up very negative emotions for most people. They want to avoid:

  • Listing it on the web (i.e. where, what photos, price, etc.)
  • Reconditioning the vehicle for resale (i.e. repairs required for certification, detailing the vehicle, etc.)
  • Prospective buyers (and tire kickers) calling you at weird times,
  • Test drives with strangers,
  • No-shows for meetings you have arranged,
  • Your personal time to do all of the above.

Consignment sales are also a very useful method to deal with a vehicle if you are:

  • Leaving the country and wish to sell your vehicle,
  • Dealing with the estate/assets of a deceased loved one (we can work with you or the estate’s lawyer).

If you are not interested in a consignment sale arrangement, AJS will even consider purchasing the vehicle outright from you or the estate.

Consignment Sale Process

The consignment process is fairly formal and governed by OMVIC’s strict rules. A consignee can expect the following from AJS:

  1. An AJS representative will discuss with you or the estate lawyer to determine a reasonable selling price based on market conditions, condition of vehicle and mileage.
  2. A discussion will also be held to assess what the minimum price will be. Based on a number of industry factors, AJS will set a commission percentage upfront and together we will identify a reasonable amount of time to have the vehicle on consignment.
  3. Mechanical assessment of your vehicle will be conducted in order to determine the scope of work (if any is required) to bring the vehicle to Ministry of Transportation certification standards. Any repairs, assessment costs will be passed on to the customer.
  4. All rates for ancillary expenses in support of the vehicle sale (e.g. storage, marketing, certification (if req’d), MTO fees (i.e. Used Vehicle Information Package), etc.) will be identified and costed prior to the vehicle being placed on consignment.

Upon a successful sale, you will be paid the sale price less all applicable taxes, AJS commission, any/all repair expenses and any/all ancillary expenses incurred in support of the sale.

AJS can save you all this trouble by accepting a consignment sale on your behalf!