Headlight Restoration

Restore the lights on your vehicle back to factory condition.

At AJS, we can restore almost any headlights/taillights to almost factory condition.

As your car ages, the oxidation on exterior plastics like headlights/taillights causes them to become discoloured, “foggy” or “yellow”. This dramatically affects their range and your visibility or the ability for someone to see your vehicle. Replacement lens for vehicles can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars for high-end vehicles. With our patented technology and process, AJS can:

  • Restore the lens’ to original factory condition.
  • Treat headlights, taillights, driving lights, fog lights, bug or wind deflectors or any smooth plastics on cars, trucks or anything mobile.

Our pricing is:

  • Headlights $132.00.
  • Taillights $132.00.
  • Bug or wind deflectors $42.00.

Here are some before and after photos to see some of the work done at AJS: