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One major difference between buying a new vehicle versus a good used vehicle is the …


Why buy a warranty on a used car? Would you purchase a new vehicle from a manufacturer who didn’t offer you a warranty on that new car? Likely not, so why purchase a used car which might eventually need some repairs? Why not purchase a warranty program to provide piece of mind to you as the vehicle ages?

AJS Auto Sales offers warranty products from several nationally recognized and insured warranty companies. We are among the best companies in the Toronto and Scarborough area at providing a warranty service for our customers.

At AJS, it is all about you the customer.

Before we educate you on how warranties on used cars work, a few things you should consider when purchasing a warranty:

        ⦁ How long do I intend to keep this vehicle?

        ⦁ How many kilometers do I drive per year?

        ⦁ Do I drive my vehicles hard?

Limited Coverage vs. Total Coverage

Typically, a warranty will cover essential powertrain components of your car like the engine, transmission, differential transfer case, turbo/superchargers, etc. This would be a limited basic powertrain warranty program. One can imagine, your vehicle consists of many other components that could breakdown over time. For instance, issues can arise with the steering, suspension, air conditioning components to name a few. There are many supplementary mechanical parts that are not covered with a limited basic warranty. Most modern vehicles today have many electrical components and are often driven by computer software.

total comprehensive coverage warranty provides peace of mind that will ensure you as the customer don’t have to worry if a braking component has failed. Our total warranty coverage programs encompass the entire vehicle other than normal maintenance components like brake pads, rotors, lights, wipers, etc. but we can help with those too!

Seal and Gaskets Coverage

Most independent car dealers won’t inform you that your limited warranty program will not cover repairs whose root cause was from non-lubricated components. For instance, if a seal fails which causes a pump to fail, then a warranty program without seals and gaskets coverage will not reimburse for either part or the repairs. With the seals and gaskets coverage, the warranty will cover both the new seal, new pump and the repairs required.

At AJS, we won’t sell you a warranty program without seals and gaskets coverage. It’s the right thing to do and it will ensure your happiness down the road.

Deductible, Claim Limits, Term, Mileage 


As with every insurance type of product, warranty is one type of insurance product, there are deductibles. They range from $0 to $500. In many cases, with a one-time upfront fee at time of purchase, you can reduce the deductible to zero. Choosing the correct deductible amount is customer specific and dependent. AJS does not recommend one amount over another.

Note: Fluids and shop supplies are ALWAYS additional costs regardless of the deductible amount selected. All aftermarket warranty companies have the same policy.

Claim Limits

All the warranty providers have limits per claim on their products. This limits the providers’ exposure on specific incidents. They can range from $1000 to $5000 depending on the product you choose. AJS recommends that you always select a limit that is conservative and safe for most major repairs. AJS recommends anything between $2500 to $4000 as a good starting point.


Regardless of how you plan to keep your vehicle, having a warranty program is tantamount to an insurance policy protecting you from having you pay out your hard-earned income towards repairs. Often customers choose shorter terms but in reality, the marginal cost to take a one-year warranty to a three or four-year program, is nominal in the big scheme of things. Our partners offer one-month terms to seven-year terms on their warranty products. AJS doesn’t recommend any specific term as this feature is highly dependent on the customer’s preference.


If you drive your vehicle extensively, picking a mileage limit on your warranty program is key.  It is prudent that the mileage limit should be appropriate with the age of your vehicle, your usage and coincide with the duration of your warranty. Although AJS doesn’t recommend any specific mileage limit when you choose your warranty product, we will discuss with you, which program is best suited for you.

Protective Warranties

Warranty products that cover tires and rims, lost key fobs, rips or tears or dents are a must in today’s world. With the condition of the roads we encounter, it is very easy to dent/warp a rim, get a flat tire or cause curb damage/rash on a rim. Accidently a child could rip or tear one of your seats or you could even lose your key fob for your vehicle. Did you know that even modern vehicle keys (not a FOB), have chips inside them to pair a key to a particular vehicle? These are anti-theft and immobilization mechanisms from the manufacturers.

Since it is prudent to insure the mechanical components of your vehicle, why not protect the rest of your investment with a protection warranty? AJS offers a series of comprehensive protection warranties that will safeguard your investment from any accident, loss or pot hole!

With all that being said, there are hundreds of permutations and combinations of warranty products – too many to list or summarize here on the web. Come in to our dealership and discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable staff. Remember, there are three things to consider:

        ⦁ How long do I intend to keep this vehicle?

        ⦁ How many kilometers do I drive per year?

        ⦁ Do I drive my vehicles hard?

Even if you don’t buy a vehicle from us, we can even protect you and your existing vehicle with a warranty. Ask us how!!

Our Warranty Partner

AJS Auto Sales has chosen to exclusively work with

A-Protect Warranty Corporation

A-protect offers GAP insurance for you vehicle if you choose to finance. Like most extended warranties, A-Protect has an extensive product offering from the most basic warranty covering engine, transmission, alternator, starter, etc. to a comprehensive warranty that will cover just about every component of your new purchase. Come in and ask one of our representatives. A-Protect can offer other warranty coverages like tire and rim protection among other things as well. Just ask us!